Project Office is co-directed by Craig Stott and Simon Warren, architects and senior lecturers in Architecture at Leeds Beckett University. Project Office has undertaken diverse projects within the Leeds City region, and is now beginning to develop projects that broaden our scope nationally and overseas. We offer a full architectural service including feasibility studies, design guides, advocacy, fabrication and construction. Project Office is unique in that it uses the power of student led design and research to provide concept proposals for organisations such as charities and community associations who are unable to afford standard architectural consultancy. Student participants are always paid for their time, either through the University currency of ‘credits’ awarded  towards their degree or financially (working directly for Project Office). The Project Office approach equips students with a fantastic learning experience relating to real world complexities through the vehicle of live projects, whilst simultaneously supporting the needs of socially conscious organisations.

Winners in the Live Projects Network category of the 2017 Social Economic Environmental Design (SEED) Awards

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